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Magnetic Field Therapy

A Therapeutic with a Great Future

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by the internationally-known physicist, Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang. Ludwig emit electromagnetic, biologically-active signals which corresponds to and mimics the earth’s natural electromagnetic environment.

Three kinds of bioenergetically active signals are present in the earth’s natural environment: Schumann waves, geogmagnetic waves and solar waves (see W. Ludwig: Informative Medizin. Essen 1999 - it may be obtained by contacting AMS GmbH).

Schumann waves

At about 100 kilometres above the surface, the earth is surrounded by the ionosphere. The vast space between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface acts as an enormous electromagnetic resonance cavity, like the sound box of a musical instrument. These resonating electromagnetic waves are known as Schumann waves, after their discoverer, the physicist W.O. Schumann (see fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Schumann waves

The basic waveform (first harmonic) has a frequency of 7,8 Hz. Exactly the same frequency is present in the main control centre of the human brain, the hippocampus / hypothalamus; i.e. the region of our brain which is important for attentiveness and concentration. Is this coincidence or evolution?

Geomagnetic waves

The earth’s crust contains 64 elements which are vital as the so-called trace elements. Each of these trace elements possesses its own characteristic types of vibrations. The earth’s magnetic field is influenced or modulated by these vibrations, the resulting modulation being known as geomagnetic waves (see fig. 2).

The earth crust contains the same essentially vital mineral material („trace elements") as those existing in the red blood corpuscles of humans. The relation among one another is nearly the same.

Fig. 2: Geomagnetic waves

Dr. Ludwig discovered that an imbalance of Schumann and geomagnetic waves induces micro-stress in living creatures. The first Schumann wave generators were developed by Dr. Ludwig and colleagues in 1974 and have been in a continuous state of development ever since.

On the basis of the research work of Dr. Ludwig the NASA constructed "Schumann" frequency generators in its manned satellites!

The classical Chinese medicine has traditionally said that man needs environmental signals of two kinds - yang input from above (Schumann waves) and yin input from below (geomagnetic waves). Both of these, it is said, must be in balance.

Important! Only the magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig produce a biologically-active electromagnetic field which accurately mimics and correctly correlates to these naturally-occurring energies. The wave frequencies of the 64 essentially vital trace elements are produced in a unique manner. Each of our magnetic field therapy devices contains a special antenna which, after pre-treatment during manufacture and on activation, emits these frequencies via a coil. Therefore please look for the arrow symbol. It is an international trademark and proof of high quality.

The Preventive and Healing Effects of Bioenergies

In medicine, especially natural medicine, a morbid state is called „disharmonious" and state of health is called „harmonic". If the body receives the correct harmonious signals, the organism responds to them and a process of self-healing process is initiated.

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig produce harmonic waves which are bioenergetically vital.

The vibrations of human beings are in resonance with the vibrations of the natural environment. Living creatures use the characteristics of these harmonious waves to control their internal processes – their metabolism, hormone balance, functioning of the autonomic nervous system and so on.

Harmonic waves promote self-healing!

At the heart of the magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig is an antenna core which has stored the frequencies of 64 trace elements to help accurately mimic the earth’s magnetic and electromagnetic fields. By stabilizing, balancing and energizing the body and mind, such generators have been found to bring positive benefits to suffers from variety of complaints including rheumatism, arthritis, circulatory disorders, migraine, pain, tiredness, disturbed sleep, weather sensitivity, inflammation and a range of other problems caused by fatigue and stress.

In general, the magnetic field therapy devices can be considered as a stress-reliever and balancer, since all conditions can be considered (in the widest sense) to be stress-induced either physical, emotional or mental. The results of stress can be categorized as follows:

* High blood pressure, coronary thrombosis, arteriosclerosis. * Gastro-intestinal problems such as ulcers, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. * Neuro-vegetative disorders such as inexplicable breathing problems; digestive disorders like bloating, constipation or diarrhoea: disturbances to vision upon low level physical exertion; migraines; inexplicable muscle pain; headaches, weather sensitivity. Pain of many kinds, including menstrual pain, bruises, broken ribs, sprains, arthritis, rheumatism etc. * Physical tiredness, emotional fatigue, mental depression. * Insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns.

Ideally, the magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig should be used as a supplement to a healthy way of life, including exercise, a good nutritious diet and avoidance (so far as possible) of environmental pollution of all kinds.

Magnetic Fields Combat Electromagnetic Pollution

The past century has witnessed extensive human interference in the natural environment. Many human activities have altered the natural electromagnetic and geomagnetic environment. For instance, the lowering of the water table, the insulating effect of asphalt, and the screening effect of buildings made of metal-reinforced concrete have all contributed to the weakening and distortion of both Schumann and geomagnetic waves. These natural frequencies are superimposed, distorted or even disturbed by artificially produced frequencies resulting from radar, radio, TV stations, mobile phone signals as well as from nearly all electric and electronic working and household devices. It is propable that many of the health problems experienced in modern times are directly caused by the micro-stress created in living organisms by this electromagnetic pollution.

Many people are aware of the effects of the weather on their health and sense of well-being. Thunderstorm and certain winds, such as the German Föhn, are known for their effects on human health. During such weather conditions the natural Schumann and geomagnetic waves are disturbed. The results are that a remarkable number of persons are complaining of migraines, headaches, lack of concentration, rheumatism etc. During such weather conditions traffic accidents are accumulating.

However, by use of microelectronics, it is now possible to mimic these harmonic signals, as well as the electromagnetic characteristics of cellular processes, and to use this technique for the enhancement of good health.

The efficacy of the magnetic field therapy equipment developed by Dr. Ludwig has been tested in a great many scientific and clinical trials, including double blind tests and individual case studies. The results speak for themselves (see W.LUDWIG: Informative Medizin. Essen 1999).

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